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local ministries

Family Christian Center-Hilo

Reverend Harlen Kalles

Family Christian Center-Hilo airsĀ at 9pm on Sundays and 10:30pm on Thursdays

Hawaiian Heartlight

Phyllis Ramia

His Highest Praise

Dr. Adrian Yuen

His Highest Praise airs on Mondays 12am and Saturdays at 10pm.

King's Cathedral- Maui

Dr. James Marocco

King's Cathedral- Maui airs at 8am on Sundays and 10:30pm on Mondays.

Korean Christian Broadcasting

Pastor Kim

Shalom, Shalom

Daniel Vargas

Superior Living

Kelsey & Druscilla Lewis

Tap in, Not out

Jay Amina

Voice of Zion

Lyons Welch

Word of Life

Art Sepulveda